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On June 20 2014, Hollace Sherwood went home to be with the Lord.  He and his wife Ila started the Hunger Relief 'Corn Project' effort in 1985 after reading about famine in Ethiopia.

Hollace was active with the corn project for nearly twenty years, but even after a debilitating stroke limited his strength, and the death of his beloved Ila, the project has continued with the
 help of volunteers and financial assistance from individuals and churches everywhere, and has provided corn to hungry people all over the world.

 His full obituary may be seen at

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Feb 5- 700 bags to 'Feed The Hungry' - various destinations

Feb 13 - 700 bags to 'Feed The Children' - various destinations

Loads of corn shipped in 2014:

April 22- 700 bags to 'Feed The Hungry', going to various destinations.  

June 26-  700 bags to 'Feed The Children', via 'Hands of Hope',  going to Mexico

July 24- 700 bags; various destinations via 'Convoy of Hope'

Aug 26- 700 bags to Feed The Hungry, various destinations

Sep 18- 700 Bags to 'His Eyes' (Honduras) via Master Provisions

Sep 29 - 640 bags to 'Convoy of Hope' for various destinations

Oct 15 - 680 bags to 'Feed The Children' for various destinations




164,472 bags of corn shipped since the project started, back in 1985!

(That's over 9.5 million pounds.....)
Thanks to all of the volunteer workers and contributors who made these loads possible!

And of course, thanks to God, in whose Name we do this work!!



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Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project
P.O. Box 1023
Bedford, IN. 47421

Directions to BHRP/Rosehill Farm 

What is the "Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project"?

Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project exists to help provide food to the “poorest of the poor” people in third world or disaster-ravaged countries by supplying corn for distribution by various relief agencies. 
BHRP is a non-profit Christian agency, staffed entirely by unpaid, volunteer labor. 
The project has been active since 1985, and has sent out more than 150,000 bags of corn to destinations all over the world, in the name of Jesus. 

The corn is grown on Rosehill Farm in Bryantsville, Indiana. 
Funds donated to BHRP are used to pay for the corn; volunteers use equipment there at the farm to clean the grain, and place it into 60-pound bags. 
Bags are loaded to trucks or shipping containers for shipping to the receiving relief agency.  A standard truck-load is 700 bags (42,000 pounds). 
Occasionally church youth groups or civic organizations are involved in bagging and loading of the corn, helping the “regular” volunteers. 

Because of limited storage space for bagged corn, the corn must remain in the grain bin until a definite destination is contracted and planned. Only then can the corn be bagged and a load made ready for pickup. 

Some of the relief agencies we have partnered with include:“Feed The Children”, "Feed The Hungry", “World Gospel Outreach”, and “Lifeline”.  Much of the corn sent out recently has gone to locations in El Salvador and Honduras, to areas devastated by Hurricane Mitch. Central America has been hit hard by earthquakes, hurricanes, and drought in the last few years. 

Please consider the ways you or your organization can help support the Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project. 
One recommended way for a group to help is to “sponsor” a load of corn,and follow it through: 
   1. choose a destination or relief agency 
   2.  raise the funds to purchase the corn 
   3. come to Rosehill Farm to bag and load the corn 
   4. perhaps do a short-term missions trip to the receiving destination to help distribute the corn to hungry people. 

Financial gifts of any size are welcome, and are combined with other gifts to help pay for the corn and make it available to relief organizations. Normally, BHRP provides the corn free to relief organizations if they will arrange and pay for the shipping. 

Most important, please pray for Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project, for the safety and efficiency of all those involved in providing corn to hungry people. 




Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project given "Centennial Award" by Mary Ober Foundation

The Mary E. Ober Foundation has created the Centennial Award, to honor organizations that provide exceptional community impact, and exemplify the values of its Founder, Mary E. Ober.  These awards are in honor of her 100th birthday, and recognize organizations for their excellence, passion, and effectiveness in being a positive force in our community.

In honor of BHRP's work, the Mary E. Ober Foundation has produced a video about our organization.  You can see it here.


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Loads of corn sent out in recent years:

(In 2013, no corn was sent out.  Due to the drought, the harvest was unfit for human consumption. Please see newsletter link at top of this page for details)

Feb 21:  700 bags to "Convoy of Hope" Springfield, MO (part of this load went to Haiti)
Mar 29:  700 bags to "Operation Compassion" Cleveland, TN  (to various destinations)
June 5:  700 bags to Nicaragua, "World Mission Outreach"
July 19:  700 bags to Honduras, "Feed the Children"
Aug 24:  700 bags to "Feed the Hungry", (to various destinations)
Oct 11:  360 bags to Niger Africa, via Master Provisions

1-11-11:  700 bags to Feed The Hungry, final destination Haiti
3-18-11:  700 bags to Feed The Hungry, final destination Haiti
4-27-11:  700 bags to Food For The Poor, final destination Honduras
5-20-11:   700 bags to Operation Compassion, Cleveland, TN.  
8-9-11:    700 bags to Feed The Hungry, final destination Kenya
9-23-11:  700 bags to Feed The Hungry, final destination probably Kenya
11-2-11:  700 bags to Convoy of Hope, Springfield, MO.  
12-7-11:  364 bags to Feed The Hungry, final destination unknown at this time


1-11-2010:    526 bags to "Feed The Hungry", then split shipments to Haiti, Liberia, and Zimbabwe
4-28-2010:    700 bags to North Korea, via "Christ Reaching Asia Missions"

6-22-2010:     700 bags to "Feed the Hungry", final destination Swaziland

8-10-2010:     700 bags to  El Salvador, via "Feed The Children"

9-2-2010:        700 bags to "Feed The Hungry", final destination Liberia

10-15-2010:    750 bags to "Feed The Hungry",  final destination Haiti

11-4-2010:      700 bags to Honduras (FAME) via Master Provisions

12-10-2010:    700 bags to El Salvador and Haiti, via "Convoy of Hope", Springfield, MO.    


4-2-09:            700 bags to “Feed The Children”

4-6-09:            700 bags to “Feed The Hungry”, for various destinations (Swaziland, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Haiti)  

5-22-09:          1400 bags to Niger Christian Mission in Niamey, Niger (W. Africa) via Master Provisions

6-16-09:          700 bags to “Feed The Hungry”

6-30-09:          700 bags to “Feed The Hungry”

8-7-09:            700 bags to "Feed the Children", Honduras

9-24-09:          700 bags to "Feed the Hungry"

10-27-09:        700 bags to "Inter American Restoration Corp.", Honduras

11-6-09:          700 bags to "Feed the Hungry"

12-1-09:          700 bags to "Feed the Hungry", final destination Liberia

12-18-09:        700 bags to Honduras, through "Feed The Children"

Nov 23, (2007):  730 bags to Kosova, via Team Expansion and Master Provisions
Dec 14, (2007):  700 bags to Lesea Ministries (Feed the Hungry) for various destinations
Jan 12:            750 bags to Zimbabwe, via Master Provisions
Feb 15:           700 bags to San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Feb 29:           700 bags to Nicaragua, via Feed The Children
Mar 7:            700 bags to Feed The Hungry, various destinations
Mar 28:          700 bags to Honduras, via Feed the Children
Apr 4:             700 bags to Nicaragua, via Feed the children

Apr 29:           700 bags to Honduras, via FAME and Master Provisions

May 2:            700 bags to Feed The Children (Elkhart, IN.)
July 8:             700 bags to Feed the Hungry
Sep 15:            700 bags to Kosova, via Master Provisions
Oct 15:            809 bags to Kosova, via Master Provisions  

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